Monday, June 28, 2010

Zikr of the Rufa'i Brotherhood

Album :Islamic Ritual from Kosovo
الـطــقــوس الإســلامــيــة مــن كــوســوفــــو
♪Artists : Zikr of the Rufa'i Brotherhood
ذكــر جــمـــاعـــة الــرفـــاعــيـــة

♪Index :Booklet الــكــتــيـــب
♪Language : Arabic - Instrumental - Vocals - Albanian/Serbian
♪Country : Kosovo
♪Melodies :[.01.]
•-• Surat al-Fatiha a
•-• Ayet 284 of the Surat Al-BaqaraVerset
•-• Ayet 180 of the Surat al'ArafVerst
•-• Ashere "La qad za'a min..."Prayers for a deceased Dervish
•-• Du'a
•-• Kelime-i tevi(Prayers/Prières)•-• Zikr•-• Prayers to
•-• Prayers to the
•-• Zikr with Illahi(Mystic Chnat)
•-• Zikr with precussion instruments/
•-• Du'a for the prophet/


♪♪.Thanksgiving & © to Bakfark



can you give me another link for download because it's impossible to download with the site folkmusicsmb

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zezz said...

iam so sorry, we can download from folkmusic smb before but may be any problem with that blog..