Monday, June 28, 2010

Rumi Poem : New Year Invitation

New Year Invitation
By Rumi
Persian/Farsi to English translation by Sologak
مستی و عاشقی وجوانی و یار مانوروز و نوبهار و حمل می زند صلاهرگز ندیده چشم جهان این چنین بهارمی روید از زمین و ز کهسار کیمیاپهلوی هر درخت یکی حور نیکبختدزدیده می نماید اگر محرمی لقااشکوفه می خورد زمی روح طاس طاسبنگر سوی او که صلا می زند تراکی خوردنش ندیدی اشکوفه اش ببینشاد باش ای شکوفه و ای باده مرحباسوسن به غنچه گوید: برجه چه خفته ایشمعست و شاهدست و شرابست و فتنهاریحان و لاله ها بگرفته پیاله هااز کیست این عطا ز کی باشد جز از خداسنبل به گوش گل پنهان شکر کرد و گفتهرگز مباد سایه یزدان ز ما جدا
For our drunkenness
And being a lover
For our youthfulness
And our companionship
The New Year
The early Spring
And the Aries
Are sending us an invitation!
The eyes of the world
Have never seen
A Spring like this:
The Alchemy is growing
On the mountain base and from the Earth.

Peeking behind a tree
A happy Nymph
Is surreptitiously glancing around!

The Blossom is drinking
The wine of the Soul
Cup after cup!

Look at the Blossom
It's sending you an invitation
If you didn't see its wine drinking
Watch its full blossoming!

Be happy O Blossom!
Welcome O Spring wind!

The Lily is telling its Bud:
Wake up! Why are you still asleep?!
There is the candle
And the handsome youth
There is the wine
And the seductive lover!
The Sweet Basil and
The Tulips are also raising glasses!

Who's gift is all of this
If not bestowed by the Almighty God?

The Hyacinth flower
Discretely but sweetly whispered
To the ear of a hidden flower:

May the protective Shadow of God
Never be separated from us!

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